Over the last years, the Sindika Dokolo Foundation has developed a conscious and responsible cultural policy, conceptualising and producing cultural, economic and political instruments and mechanisms for the development of contemporary African art.

The creation of the Sindika Dokolo African Collection of Contemporary Art, the support for the cultural movement in Luanda, the production of the first edition of the Luanda Triennial  and  the  design  and  materialisation  of  the  first  African  pavilion  at  the  52nd  Venice Biennale, are considered unprecedented cultural realities in the African and worldwide context. With this in mind, a multipurpose cultural building has become an urgent  necessity.  Such  a  facility  would  enable  the  continuity  of  the  movement  and  artistic efforts and events in Luanda and Angola. In turn, this would help develop a joint strategy  with  other  African  cities  and  nations,  as  well  as  a  network  and  partnerships  with international institutions.

Since  we  consider  it  essential  that  African  aesthetic  be  reflected  upon  and  their  historical and scientific nature be recognised, we are committed to participating in fostering the cohesion of the parameters that define the soul and aesthetic of Angola and Africa.

The  Sindika  Dokolo  Foundation  is  a  not-­‐for-­‐profit  institution  of  a  technical/scientific,  cultural and social nature, and unlimited duration, as published in the Diário Oficial Da República (official Angolan gazette) 3rd Series, no. 84, dated 13 JUL 2007, pages 2,849 to 2,853.

Fernando Alvim



Chairman : Sindika Dokolo

Vice Chairman : Fernando Alvim

Executive Director : Marita Silva

Production Manager, Image : Cláudia Veiga

International Relations : Catherine Goffeau

Press Officer : Mário Silva

Legal Advisor  : Joka Sumbula

Public Relations : Américo Cristóvão

Logistics and Production : João Silva

Logistics and Production : Revelino Luís